Shape the self-driving future

We want you to be one of the first to experience this new technology and help us improve the future of transportation

Get ready to take your first ride


Watch your phone

If you’re in a city with self-driving cars on the Lyft network, keep an eye out for an in-app notification to join our self-driving rollout.


How to get a car

You don’t need to specifically request a self-driving ride. Just enter your pickup and drop-off location like you usually do, and we’ll let you know if there’s a self-driving car available.


Have a guide for every ride

When you hop in, you’ll see both a pilot and co-pilot up front — a trained (human) duo that will keep an eye on things and ensure your ride goes smoothly.


Safety is always first

The self-driving cars on Lyft’s network use advanced technology like machine learning in order to perceive, understand, and safely adapt to the road. The pilot will monitor your experience and provide assistance, if necessary.

Happy because there are less cars

Drivers will continue to be vital to Lyft's community

Drivers will still operate the majority of our rides for the foreseeable future. And we don’t believe there will ever be a time when we have fewer drivers on the road than we do today.


Where can I get a self-driving ride?

We’re bringing self-driving cars to our network in phases, currently in Las Vegas, Nevada. You’ll be alerted if you’re eligible to be part of this initial phase.

Most frequently asked questions about Self-driving experience

If it’s a self-driving car, why are there two people up front?

The pilot and co-pilot are there to ensure a safe and streamlined experience for passengers. They are constantly monitoring the vehicle systems and surrounding environment, and are ready to manually take control of the vehicle if an unexpected situation arises. The co-pilot can answer any questions you have before, during, and after the ride. Both are comprehensively trained in self-driving vehicle operation with many hours of real-life experience.

Will my co-pilot explain what’s happening during the ride?

Before your trip begins, the co-pilot will offer an overview of the experience and answer any questions you may have. Every vehicle will be equipped with two displays so you can check out what the car sees, and how it’s perceiving and responding to the world around it.

Why might a pilot need to take over?

The pilot might take over if there are any obstacles on the vehicle’s route, such as construction or if there is a traffic guard re-directing traffic. They will also take over in complex traffic situations, instances of bad weather, or unclear lane markings or signage. In these cases, the pilot will either navigate around the obstacle or pull over.

How will my pilot know when they need to take over? How are they trained?

Pilots receive many hours of training — both in the classroom and on the road — to properly understand how self-driving vehicles work. Much of that time is dedicated to learning exactly when and how to take over operation of the car. And, of course, they receive this training in addition to meeting all standard Lyft driver requirements, including being screened for both criminal offenses and driving incidents, a vehicle inspection, insurance verification, and any other locally mandated requirements.