The open era of self-driving

Lyft’s first-of-its-kind open platform introduces the world’s leading autonomous partners to millions of weekly miles. Together, we can accelerate the growth of self-driving technology and improve the safety and quality of life in our cities.

Bringing self-driving technology to market

With Lyft’s open ecosystem, manufacturers of all types of self-driving technology — vehicles, software, and components — can plug into our network of nearly 1 million rides per day.

Partner Spotlight: Waymo

Lyft passengers in Phoenix will be able to request rides in a Waymo Self-Driving Car through the Lyft app.

Partner Spotlight: Aptiv

Lyft and Aptiv have provided over 50,000 self-driving rides to Lyft passengers.

Partner Benefits


Expansive network

Gain access to millions of rides through Lyft’s extensive nationwide network.


Invaluable data

Access an exclusive set of data based on real-life scenarios to inform development.


Seamless integration

Get started right away: Our robust API is quick and easy to plug into.


Smart dispatching

Use vehicle dispatching that deploys when there’s only the highest confidence in routes and conditions.


Unique experience

Showcase your technology with a memorable in-car experience for passengers.


Trusted partner

Join an established brand who believes in the power of community and forward progress.


Change in motion

Last year, nearly 6 million Americans sold their cars and switched to ride sharing. This year, almost 6 million plan to do the same thing.


Change in motion

According to a recent study, a fleet of self-driving cars could take 203M cars off the road by 2030.


Change in motion

14% of cities are taken up by parking. Fewer cars means we can devote less to parking lots, and more space to parks.

Most frequently asked questions about Self-driving partnerships

What is the relationship between Lyft and the self-driving car companies it’s partnering with?

Lyft is partnering with self-driving car companies so Lyft passengers can be some of the first people to experience self-driving technology. Just like today, Lyft is responsible for ensuring you have a comfortable ride that gets you where you need to go by connecting you to the right car at the right time. Our partners are responsible for providing the underlying self-driving vehicle technology that powers the car.

What types of support are available?

Lyft will be there for you at all steps of the ride. Self-driving safety comes first, which is why all rides will launch with a pilot in the car. But should anything go wrong in ride, our Critical Response Line will be on hand to coordinate with local authorities on your behalf. You can find additional information here.

For any type of emergency, you should first contact 911 and do whatever is needed to get yourself out of harm’s way. Then contact the Critical Response line and we’ll be there to support you.

And of course, you can always contact Lyft with any questions or concerns about a ride, and our customer support team will be there to help 24/7.

Let’s continue to redefine our world and reclaim our cities — together.