Level 5

Imagining the future and then building it.

Level 5 is developing a self-driving system for the Lyft network to ensure access to the benefits of this technology for millions of riders.

We’re improving access to safe, reliable transportation for everyone.

Progress to Date

From our first ride to employee pilot in just over a year.

November 2020

Began testing fourth generation vehicle platform on public roads

June 2020

Shared Level 5’s Prediction Dataset

November 2019

Tripled our employee pilot routes

July 2019

Shared Level 5’s Perception Dataset

April 2019

Began testing our third generation vehicle platform

November 2018

Launched our first employee pilot

October 2018

Acquired augmented reality company Blue Vision Labs

March 2018

Began testing on public roads

December 2017

Began testing on private roads

July 2017

Launched Level 5

Nov '20

Jun '20

Nov '19

Jul '19

Apr '19

Nov '18

Oct '18

Mar '18

Dec '17

Jul '17

Test ride Lyft’s autonomous vehicle

The Level 5 Advantage

Over 1 billion Lyft rides worth of experience.


Rideshare Data

Level 5 uses real-world driving trajectories to inform our planning system. It’s just one way we can leverage data from the entire Lyft rideshare network to help us solve the toughest problems in self-driving.



We already know the challenges to common routes so we can focus on solving specific transportation needs first.


Hybrid Network

As a rideshare company, we’ll introduce self-driving cars on specific routes alongside our network of drivers. This makes it easier to launch our technology sooner for riders everywhere.


The Level 5 Team

Work with top engineers, research scientists, and transportation experts at a company with experienced leadership, extensive benefits, and a collaborative culture.

One Misson

Investing in the future


Experienced Team

Great minds think different.

At Level 5, we’re building a diverse and talented group of nearly 400 software and hardware engineers, applied researchers, product managers, operations experts, and more.


Global Offices

Three headquarters. One vision.

With headquarters in Palo Alto, London, and Munich, Level 5 has employees across the world working on self-driving. Every lesson from every ride is shared with the entire team.


Testing Facilities

Test driven for anything.

Our dedicated test track is in our backyard. It’s where we train our self-driving vehicles for rare scenarios so we can be prepared for whatever comes down the road.

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2020 Award Winner for Mobility Services, Autonomy


Work has never been so rewarding.

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Ashesh Jain

Director, Engineering

"We enable engineers on our team to take ownership of the final deliverable, and encourage them to interface directly with other teams to build the relationship alongside the product. A lot of good engineering, especially on a lean team, comes down to building the right culture and team dynamics."

Vladimir Iglovikov

Software Engineer

"I find the challenge drastically more exciting than any other industry, and the people are great to work with. The problems we’re working on and the challenges we’re facing are changing humanity."

Varsha Parthasarathy

Software Engineer

"I get to work on challenges that haven't been tackled before. It’s an opportunity to have a high impact on shaping the future of transportation. As an engineer at L5, I can say I contribute to the tools and technology that are accelerating the time to market for autonomous vehicles."

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