We can change transportation together.

Ridesharing has already begun to better people’s lives. Now, self-driving cars will improve society by making streets safer, cities healthier, and traffic a thing of the past.


A 90% reduction in accidents

By eliminating the most common mistakes that cause accidents, self-driving cars would save up to 86 lives in the US every day.


The end of traffic

Self-driving cars can travel at a more constant, steady pace. Over time, when enough of these cars are on the road, stop-and-go traffic will be eliminated.

Happy because there are less cars

80% fewer vehicles on the road

Shared self-driving cars will make transportation more affordable, more convenient, and allow many more people to go without owning their own car. This also means fewer parking lots and more space for parks, local stores, and homes.


Learn about our self-driving network

Lyft’s open platform is bringing together the world’s best car manufacturers and self-driving technology companies. Our partners can connect to our network of over 1 million rides per day.


Meet Lyft’s self-driving team

Lyft’s Level 5 Engineering Center in Palo Alto, California is a brand new facility focused on building our self-driving technology.

Join the self-driving movement

Self-driving cars are currently operating on Lyft’s network, and our passengers get to be some of the first to experience this new technology. Feedback from passengers will help shape the future of self-driving transportation.